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Menu – Reykjavik

Fish and Chips 1980 kr.

Baked fillet of Arctic char 2790 kr.

Traditional Icelandic plokkari 2290 kr.

Burgers: fish, chicken, veggie 1640 kr.
w/ cucumber, tomato, lettuce pickled onion and sauce.

Fish soup: cod, arctic char and mussels and 5 spices vegetable broth 1750 kr.

Vegetable lasagne 1980 kr.

Fish of the day 2490 kr.

Fish and chips in breadcrumbs 1980 kr.

Fresh green salad: lettuce, tomato, cucumber and pimpkin seed 1390 kr.

Sauces 290 kr.

Lemon pepper and dill
Jalapeno – garlic

Extras 559 kr.

French fries
Waffle fries
Oven baked potatoes
Bread basket


Chocolate cake and ice cream 1290 kr.


Wine glass 1150 kr / Bottle 4500 kr.

Local beer

Gull 800 kr. 300 ml / 1000 kr. 500 ml
Bottled beer 990 kr.
Coffe or tea 390. kr.

Gos / Soda 390 kr.
Djús / Juice 250 kr.
Malt 490 kr.
Pilsnes 690 kr.

We use cod in our fish and chips.

Fresh fish every day